Ideas for Selling your home

Sellers in Fort Collins, Greeley and the surrounding areas can be scared they’ll sell their house and have no place to move.  That is a VERY valid situation in today’s fast-paced market.

So how does one avoid this?  It is simple.  Once you get an offer on your house and BEFORE you sign it.  Counter it, “contingent upon finding a replacement home.”  That way you can have 4-6 weeks to find your dream home and get it under contract, “contingent upon selling your home.”

Sellers do not have the luxury of deciding down the road they don’t want to sell, assuming the appraisal comes in at price and the buyer doesn’t have any inspection items.  At that point the seller must sell.  So its best during the initial contract negotiation phase to negotiate a contingent plan to find a replacement home.

These and other strategies can be employed to sell your home for top dollar.  Ask me about other strategies for the Northern Colorado real estate market!

Cathy Harris
The Pointe Real Estate



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