Relocating to Northern Colorado – Buying a home in Fort Collins


Thinking to move to the Fort Collins’ area in Northern Colorado?  You aren’t alone.  With beautiful mountain views, 360 days of sunny weather,  and summer & winter sports, you will be happy you did.  


 The Northern Colorado rental market has experienced a 17% increase sinced the first of the year.  That is astounding, huh?  Home prices for the area haven’t gone up that much.  You do need an experienced agent however, to guide you in the process of snapping up a home before others get it.


Strategies like the “escalator clause,” exact pricing and knowing this fast-paced market enable me to help you get your dream home.  Whether you are buying now or waiting a few months, the Cathy Harris Home Team recommends you contact us and get your own personal MySite website to search for homes the very day they come on the market.  Get direct home market experience even before you move.  You are welcome to contact to ask for your home search MySite!  Be sure to include highest/lowest price, bedrooms and other “must-have” amenities.  


We won’t bug you until you call to schedule a visit.  We will then put together a personalized tour of the area, in orcer to make your trip a success.  Want information on who we are?  Here is our video:   and our website:


Contact us today.  970-691-0368 or 970-331-2868


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