Sell Your Home

I love this time of year for my sellers.  In many Northern Colorado neighborhoods, homes are selling for 99% to 100%  of list price.  Inventory on listed homes is very low. My strategy for listing homes consists of three things:

1.  Exact pricing up to $10,000 above latest comparable home.  Let’s try to get as much for your home as possible.  Call me about my strategies.  One is doing an open house the very week we list it.  If I bring the buyer, you get a discount.

2.  Good marketing.  Keller Williams has one of the best marketing technologies I’ve ever seen.  We get the home listed on all the online home searches, do craigslist, internal emails, virtual tours and broker tours.  Also, the REO Precision team that I’m a part of gets an enormous amount of phone calls from their bank-owned listings which equates to more buyers to show my listings too.  Win/win

3.  Good negotiation.  Most sellers want to mark up their house by $5,000-10,000. The better strategy is to price it correctly and when you get a lower offer, negotiate through your agent.  Much of the time buyers just want a good deal and they don’t want to pay over the true value.  Having a good negotiator on your team is critical.

List your home now, since it is a very HOT Sellers market.  Call me to ask about the Art of the Double Transaction.  That’s where we allow you to not sell your home until you find a replacement one.  Its possible with the right strategy.  I’ve never left a family homeless!

Find my Sellers video!

Cathy Harris  970-691-0368

Broker Associate

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