Disadvantages of Home Shopping on your Own – Northern Colorado

I just got off the phone speaking with an extremely sharp mother of two who is braving the real estate market on her own in Loveland, Colorado.  She’s talked with builders, FSBO’s, realtors, etc., and is extremely frustrated.  She cannot seem to find a good deal in Northern Colorado.

The truth is, because inventory is down, the best deals on pre-owned homes are being snapped up by sharp-eyed realtors and their clients.  These people know exactly what they are looking for and are pre-qualified.  As soon as the best home deals appear on the market, they are offered for by these realtor/buyer teams within hours.

She’s also spoken with builders and is having no luck putting a deal together.  Here again, the lot/land deals are being watched closely by realtors for their clients.  Also, builders do not always take seriously a person who calls them asking questions about building a home.  Sadly, these types of shoppers can be labor intensive and typically builders build houses for people who are ready to build.

My guess is this busy mom of two thinks that she can get a better deal without a realtor’s involvement.  That could happen. More often than not, however, having a good buyer’s agent negotiating for you will get you a better result.  Realtors are in the market every day and we eager to negotiate good terms for our clients.

So it is my suggestion that buyers team up with a good buyers agent who will take them shopping for properties until they have a strong sense of the market.  Then when the timing is right, they will be able to snap up the best deal and not become a frustrated do-it-youselfer.

Cathy Harris

Broker Associate

Keller Williams, Fort Collins, CO  80528



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